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LED High Mast Floodlights

LED High Masts Floodlights are used to illuminate large open areas, commonly for mines, industrial areas, highways, recreational fields, and large rural housing settlements. LED High Mast lights are an ever popular application over the energy hungry HID lights that are usually mounted in a luminaire ring on top of a >30m high mast (hence the name) or other structure but can be laid out differently depending on the required application. LED high mast floods are the very best solution for new installations and to replace old traditional, inefficient high mast luminaires.

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200w LED High Mast, Diamond-MA Range, SABS Tested, 3 Pack Special

Pack of 3 - 200w LED High Mast Floodlights, 400w HID Replacement, 32000lm (160lm/w), 5 Year Warranty, SABS Tested, IP65, Diamond-MA Range

3 PACK DEAL of top quality, super-bright 200w LED High Mast Floodlights that are SABS tested and utilise 160lm/w CREE LEDs and Meanwell Driver. They come with a solid 5 year warranty.
R 9 487,50 Excl. VAT
500w LED High Mast, Diamond-MA Range, SABS Tested, 3 Pack Special

Pack of 3 - 500w LED High Mast Floodlights, 1000w HID Replacement, 80000lm (160lm/w), 5 Year Warranty, SABS Tested, IP65, Diamond-MA Range

3 PACK DEAL of the super bright 500w LED High Mast Floodlights that are SABS tested, emit 160lm/w, carry a 5 year warranty & locally manufactured.
R 18 517,44 Excl. VAT
1000w LED High Mast Pack

Pack of 2 - 1000w LED High Mast, 2000w HID Replacement, 160000 lumens (160l/w), 5 Year Warranty, Diamond-MA Range

Super bright 1000w LED High Mast that emits 160lm/w, carries a 5 year warranty & is a locally manufactured equivalent for 2000w HID high mast floodlights.
R 35 387,02 Excl. VAT
2 Pack Deal of 1200w Round LED High Mast Floodlights

Pack of 2 - 1200w Round LED High Mast Floodlight, Diamond-MA Range

2 Pack Deal on these super bright 1200w Round LED High Mast Floodlights that emits 140lm/w pushing out a super bright 168,000 lumens. Locally manufactured, these units are IP65 for any outdoor applications, carry a 5 year warranty and are the direct replacement equivalent for most 2000w HID units. Ideal for stadium and high mast lighting installations, chose between narrow and wider beam options and daylight to cool white colour temperatures.
R 36 100,00 Excl. VAT

What is a high mast light?

High mast lighting is used to illuminate large outdoor spaces. The high mast structures are generally >30m high with high mast flood light luminaires mounted on top facing down. The lights are mounted onto a luminaire ring which typically consists of four, six, eight or twelve lights.
Common applications for high mats include highways, recreational fields, mines, industrial areas, and large rural housing settlements. The benefit with a high mast structure is that it takes up a very small area on the ground while providing excellent illumination for large outdoor areas.
Traditionally high masts use HID light sources such as high-pressure sodium and metal halide and mercury vapour. Today, more and more high masts are using LED luminaires due to their numerous benefits.

What are the benefits of LED high mast lights?

LED high mast luminaires offer excellent benefits compared to older technologies including:

  1. More Energy Efficient: LEDs provide more light output per watt of energy consumed which translates into energy cost savings for the user.
  2. Better Light Distribution: LED high mast lights use lenses that can focus or spread the light as needed. It also helps avoid light pollution and wastage.
  3. Instant On: LEDs can be switched on and off frequently and instantly without affecting the life of the product. Most old HID lamps have long warm-up times and require long intervals between switching. Frequent switching can also severely reduce the lifespan of old high bay lamps.
  4. Much Longer Lifespan: LED high mast luminaires are typically designed to last for 50,000 hours which is much longer than any traditional high mast luminaire. This is a massive benefit given the difficulty and cost of servicing the high mast lights.
  5. Lowest Maintenance Costs: The longer lifespan massively reduces maintenance costs. High masts are very expensive and time consuming to service. LEDs also have a much better lumen maintenance than traditional light sources.
  6. Better Light Quality: LED High Mast lights improve visibility compared to many older light technologies due to their colour temperature and high colour rendering.
  7. Excellent Durability: LED high masts are extremely robust and durable. They can better handle vibrations and knocks than traditional high mast fixtures.

What is the difference between floodlights and high masts?

The main difference between LED flood lights and LED high masts is the beam angle. Floodlights generally have a wide beam angle of 120° and are installed at a comparatively lower mounting height. High masts, on the other hand, have narrower beam angles of typically 90°, 60° or 30° due to their high mounting height. The narrow beam angle helps concentrate the light which translates into more light on the ground where it is needed.

What's the best colour temperature for high masts?

5000K-6000K is considered the best colour temperature to maximise visibility as it closely mimics natural daylight which human vision has evolved to see best. Colour rendering (CRI) is also an important factor. A CRI of >70 is ok for general outdoor applications however a CRI>80 is better for better colour accuracy (ie. if inspecting colour coded stickers, labels or containers etc.). Traditional HID high mast luminaires such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) have a stark orange light and very poor colour rendering which makes the environment look monochromatic.