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High Bay Project Success Story

We love hearing success stories from our customers. We recently supplied a customer with 104 of our popular 150W Diamond-DS LED High Bays for the initial phase of their clients' warehouse and factory upgrade.

The existing lighting was a mix of aging 400W HID fixtures. The high energy and replacement costs were what drew them to LED. They wanted a long-lasting lighting solution that not only saved a considerable amount of energy but improved light levels as well. Many areas were well below the minimum lighting requirements, partially due to quickly fading light output from old lamps and partially from lights the were not yet replaced due to difficult to reach areas and the disruption it would cause to the production lines.

Our client was awarded the project and the feedback, once the first few areas were installed, was fantastic. Their client was overwhelmed with the results. Illumination levels were improved on average from 72lx to 311lx. The quality of light in the areas is outstanding and the client now benefits from a >60% reduction in energy costs as well as minimal maintenance costs for the next 50,000hrs and a 5-year warranty on the product.

These 150W LED High Bays offer truly impressive performance and build quality. They proved their durability when we heard that the on-site electricians accidentally dropped a unit from 12m high! Upon closer inspection, the unit had sustained only minor scratches on the body but turned on as if nothing had happened. Now that’s what you call robust!



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