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Grow Containers

  • Turn-key Grow Containers Expertly Designed & Optimised to Maximize Yields for Cannabis & CBD Oil Production

Our container solutions are manufactured to the highest standards for medical grade cannabis production to service the rapid growth of this sector in Southern Africa. Each and every new 40ft container is manufactured with all grow equipment needed and then shipped to site ready for use. Custom options allow for tailor-made solutions to satisfy any grow method, crop or security requirement.

As the Kroptek distribution partner for South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, Clear Sky LEDs is uniquely positioned to supply the highest quality products to maximise yields and achieve fastest returns on your investment. Kroptek is a leading global agritech solution provider based in the United Kingdom comprised of a team with decades of expertise in LED grow lights and grow systems. They have worked with top scientists in Europe and the UK to develop world-class products and have conducted multiple scientific studies and commercial grow trials to ensure their solutions deliver the best results. They are currently involved in large scale international commercial grow projects. Enquire Now.



Our standard container farm has been optimised to deliver the highest yields for cannabis production. They are fabricated from brand new, 40ft high cube shipping containers. The inside walls, ceiling and floor have been made smooth and a segregated utility area is constructed on the far end which houses the control system, irrigation tank, pumps and electrical systems needed to run the container. The container uses a plug ‘n play concept that allows quick and simple installation of the container on site and of the grow system and LED lights internally. Enquire Now.


Equipment Included:

  • Pot system (for 96 plants) with controls

  • 24 x 330W LED Grow Lights
  • Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

  • Water chillers

  • Air purification & CO2

  • Water tank, irrigation pipes and pumps

  • Nutrient Control Station

  • Air conditioning system

  • Air Exchange Fan

  • Electrical infrastructure for running all systems

  • Electrical and plumbing “plug in” points

  • Water vent and replacement pumps

  • Fire extinguishing

  • Computer control system for managing environmental conditions

    • Control of air temperature with CO2 levels monitoring

    • Manages humidity, PH, EC, nutrient control station, lighting schedule, irrigation schedule and air conditioning system.

    • Optional additional security systems that allow for connection of cameras, flood alerts or intruder alerts.

    • Remotely operated through WIFI connectivity using bespoke software.

*All equipment supplied comes with a 3 year warranty. The LED lights come with a 5 year warranty.


LED Grow Lighting

Each container is fitted with 24 x 330W Sunblast LED Grow Lights to provide optimal, even lighting over the canopy.

Light Spectrum:

The full daylight spectrum provided by these grow lights has been developed over 6 years of scientific research and testing and has been proven to deliver the best results for cannabis. It includes deep red, white, blue, low blue and a small percentage of UV and far-red (low IR). The high colour rendering (CRI>95) also allows the eye to perceive colours as if they were under natural sunlight which is ideal for inspection.

The 330W Sunblast LED grow lights are ultra efficient and generate an impressive Photosynthetic Photon Efficiency (PPE) of 2.3 µmol/J which is as efficient as LED grow lights today can get.

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Our turn-key containers achieve 3 or 4 cycles per year depending on the growing method. The estimated yield, provided below, largely depends on the type of strain grown as well as the methods used by the grower. Although the yields can vary greatly, our containers are designed to maximise returns. Per cycle, one can expect to achieve yields from 16kg on the low end to over 36kg if grown well with high yield strains. That translates to 48-105kgs of dried product per year in just 3 cycles!