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Surface Disinfectant

The Virus Gobbler Surface Disinfectant is an Environmentally Friendly product that is a great alternative to other harsh chemicals used to clean in and around your home or offices. It is specially formaulated to kill off 99.99% of microbial bacteria within minutes and is highly effectivie against enveloped viruses as well as yeasts.  

This product prevents corrosion on metals and alloys, is non-toxic therefor safer to use around the house and home, safe to use around children and pets and is chloride free; isn't harmful to the environment. 

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25 Litre Virus Gobbler Surface Disinfectant

25 Litre Eco Friendly Virus Gobbler Surface Disinfectant, NRCS & SANAS Certified, 99.99% Microbial Kill rate, EZ Range

Virus Gobbler Surface Disinfectant is eco friendly with a 99.99% Microbial kill rate within 5 minutes. Non Toxic, Non Volatile, Non corrosive formula that is highly effective against enveloped viruses. SANAS Certified, NRCS registered & EN 1276 Standards, the Virus Gobbler is a great alternative disinfectant that is safe for you and gives back to the environment.
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