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Why Delamping with LED Tubes Maximizes Energy Savings

So what’s this delamping stuff all about and is it viable for me to do at my business? Simply put:  <em>Delamping is when you replace fluorescents tubes with less led tubes because you want to maximize your energy saving while reducing you capital costs of purchase.

Watch this quick video below or continue reading to find out how:

Many customers end up retrofitting in half the led tubes required providing them huge energy savings and tiny pay back periods that result in LED tubes providing one of the best ROIs possible in the energy efficiency market. And it Works. I know because we practice what we preach. In our offices in Cape Town, we’ve put in one led tube for every double 4ft (or 1200mm) fitting.

And yes… we are getting the light we need. The fluorescents that were in there before, besides being to bloody bright and chewing up way too much energy for anyone to feel comfortable switching them on. Actually no one was allowed to turn them on!

What we’re enjoying now is the right amount of light and unbeatable savings. Instead of having to run 80w per fitting (2 x 36w fluorescent tubes + the 10% chewed up by the ballast) we’re only using 18w. That’s right. A savings of 62w per fitting - or for you number crunchers out there, 77.5% off. If we had a 5ft double fitting we would have saved even more going from 128w (2 x 58w fluorescent tubes + 10% on the ballast) down to only 23w or 82.1% savings.

Hard to beat that.

Bottom line is that there has been a surge of interest in replacing those old, energy inefficient, noisy, flickering, irritating to recycle and maintain fluorescents this year – from massive government run projects to people renting small offices.

If you have an office block, garage, parking lot, factory, warehouse, industrial building, kitchen, work space, and where ever else the plus 2 billion fluorescents are in South Africa, putting in LED tubes is fast becoming a no brainer.

I believe we are finally seeing the tipping point. All the signs are here… Massive increases in electricity from our ever reliable Eskom coupled with rapidly decreasing led tube costs are breeding the grounds for everyone to enjoy savings – especially if you apply the delamping method. You have nothing to lose by trying the delamping method when you buy your led tubes because you can always buy a few extra lamps where you might need the extra light and your electricians will have rewired your existing fittings anyways – just plug and play.

Food for thought...

If you have any questions about delamping or led tubes, contact us or visit our check out our T8 LED Tubes page for info and options.

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