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LED Tubes

LED Tubes are the smart replacement for any and all contemporary florescent tube lights. These LED lights offer instantaneous light on cold start with none of the irritating flickering you might be used to with fluorescents. LED Tubes generate no heat and they contain no mercury (or any other hazardous materials) typical of other tube lights. Check out our new LED Tubes Website: Bulk Online Quotes | LED Tubes Articles & Videos Clear Sky LEDs’ supplies a number of both locally manufactured and imported LED Tube Lightsthat give off a pure and consistent light available in the most popular pure or cool white, frosted applications for the best illumination. All our ranges come with solid warranties and replacement policies enjoying lifespans of between 30,000 - 50,000 hours continuous use while using an absolute fraction of the electricity required to run standard fluorescent lighting. you'll see big and immeidate savings on your electrical bills while you can kiss the worry good byr of ongoing and costly maintenance and replacement requirements. LED Tubes are the smart alternative.

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27w 1200mm (4ft) T8 LED Tube, High Output Box Special

Box of 25 - 27w 1200mm (4ft) T8 LED Tube, T8 High Output, 110lm/w, 5 Year Warranty, 0.94 power factor, Platinum-EM Range

Box of 25 x 27W High Output 4FT 1200mm Locally Manufactured LED Tube is a 5 year warranty, LED retrofit solution for areas where more light is needed.
R 3 645,00 Excl. VAT Was R 4 738,50