1200mm 4ft LED Tube Lights Golden Range

1200mm 4ft LED Tube Lights Golden Range

Product ID / SKU: ET2T8-1200
Our ultra affordable Golden Range of 1200mm (4ft) LED Tube is a premium, Light that effectively replaces any standard length 1200mm (4ft) T8 fluorescent tube. Designed to provide a real, daylight white colour, Golden Range LED Tubes are ideal for any commercial or industrial settings, from office to factory lighting. Benefit from a higher lumen output of 100lm/w with energy savings of as much as 75% while you enjoy a long life of 50,000 hours effectual use.

The frosted option is most popular looking exactly like a normal fluorescent while providing a uniform light emission. The clear lens option is ideal for fittings with non-see-through covers (prismatic) as you’ll receive an extra 5% illumination.

*PLEASE NOTE: Bulk purchasing options available upon request. 

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    Full Specifications:

    Box Dimensions (cms) 130(l) x22(w) x21(h)
    Box Weight 15.4kgs
    Certification(s) IEC, CE & RoHS
    Colour Type (s) Daylight White
    Colour Temperatures 6,000K
    CRI 80 Ra
    Dimming Controls No
    IP Grade IP50
    Materials Aluminium, Non-Transparent
    PC Cover
    Model No. ET2T8-1200
    LED Chip Type EPISTAR
    Lumens 1,800lm
    Luminescence Angle 140°
    Lens Options Clear or Frosted
    Operational Life Span 50,000 hrs
    Operating Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
    Storage Environment/Temp Temp: -20°C to +35°C
    (20°C best)
    T8 Replacement 36W
    Unit Dimensions 120(l) x 3(ø) cms
    Unit Weight 0.055 kgs
    Units per Box 30
    Warranty Period 5 Years 
    Wattage 18W
    Working Temperature Temp: -20°C to +50°C
    Working Humidity Humidity 10% - 90%
    Working Voltage 220 VAC
    Voltage Range 100 – 277 VAC

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    LED Tube Benefits:

    • Ultra Bright at 100 lumens per watt;
    • 50,000 hours of operational use;
    • 5 Year Swap Out Warranty;
    • Beautfiul Daylight White Colour Rendering;
    • Environmentally friendly & green;
    • Very little heat generated which curbs fire risks;
    • Ultra Energy Efficient using >0.9 of power to create light;
    • Noise-free operation;
    • Starts immediately at 100% illumination from cold start without any blinking or delays;
    • Soft light beams with no strobe effects;
    • Does not emit Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation so it's safe for your skin and eyes and wont attract insects;
    • Does not contain any hazardous chemicals like mercury;
    • Easily disposable and recyclable;
    • Wide-range of adjustable voltage working within 100 - 277VAC;
    • Will last 5-10 times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes;
    • Safely made of quality materials including aluminium and glass;
    • Rigid and durable so they are not easily broken.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

    1. Do the LED Tubes install and fit into Normal T8 Fluorescent Tube Fittings?
    Yes and no Problem! But you would have to first bypass the Ballast and Starter inside the T8 fitting before installing and using the LED Tube while ensuring the positive and neutral are wired to one side. Not removing the Starter could permanently damage the LED tube. The ballast is not required for LED tubes as they contain their own internal power supplies and link directly into a normal 110-240VAC current. If the ballast is not removed, it will simply waste an extra 4-6W of power. Download Installation Instructions and provide these to your qualified electrician when s/he comes to do your installation.

    2. Is any rewiring necessary within the fitting?
    Because our Econo Range LED Tubes are manufactured to SABS Standards, the live and neutral operate from one end only - the other end is effectively a dead end and is marked so on the LED tube itself. So unless your fitting is wired this way by default, you may need to get your electrician to do a little rewiring within the fitting to ensure live a neutral are operating from one side only.

    3. Should I use a Qualified Electrician to install my tubes?
    Absolutely, Yes & Always. We advise all our customers to utilise a qualified electrician to install your LED tubes so that they operate optimally and safely. Because the tubes are manufactured to SABS certifications, they positive and neutral are wired only to one side and will require that that any ballasted or starters (chokes) are safely bypassed or removed before you install your LED tube. Download Installation Instructions and provide these to your qualified electrician when s/he comes to do your installation.

    4. Will these LED tubes provide the same light I’m used to with my existing Fluorescents?
    Yes and many of our clients feel they do a better job all round. This premium range of LED tubes pushes out a crisp, daylight white colour (are 6,000k) which is easy on your eyes and optimal for working conditions and general concentration. What’s more, the light from your newly installed LED tube will often appear brighter as fluorescent degrade quite quickly.

    5.Should I choose a Clear or Frosted Lens?
    The frosted option is the most popular as it makes the led tube look like a traditional fluorescent used in open channel fittings and hides the appearance of the LED chips that run along the centre. This therefore provides a clean, uniform light output that is easy on the eyes. The clear option is popular for fittings that already have a non-transparent cover to them. Since you’ll get about 5% more light out of each tube that has a clear lens, it is advisable then to utilise this option since you won’t see the tube inside the fitting while maximising your lighting outputs.

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