Induction High Bays

Induction High Bay lights are the very best replacement you'll find anywhere for energy hungry Mercury Vapour, High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide High Bays. All our Induction High Bays are Eskom & SABS Approved and carry a five (5) year manufacture warranty on the induction lamp (with three years for the ballast)!

Because of their life span of 100,000 hours, Induction lights will last between 10-20 times longer than any transitional HID Lights and (although we hate to say it!) between 2 and 3 times as long as any LED counterpart. High Bay thus providing anywhere between 50 - 75% energy savings while reducing often costly maintenance and replacement costs down to an all time low.

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High Bay Induction Selection Chart

High Bay Wattage 80W Induction 120W Induction 200W Induction
Model Number GHBI80W GHBI120W GHBI200W
Eskom Approved? Yes Yes Yes
SABS Approved? Yes Yes Yes
Pupil Lumens (lm) ? 14,112 lm 21,169 lm 35,280 lm
Luminous Flux (lm) 7,200 lm 10,800 lm

18,000 lm

Life Span 100,000 hrs

100,000 hrs

100,000 hrs
CRI +80 +80 +80
Colour Temperature 5000k 5000k 5000k
Other Certifications CE & RoHS CE & RoHS CE & RoHS
Lamp Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years

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Induction High Bay Advantages

  • SABS & Eskom Approved - Ideal for all Eskom Rebate Projects;
  • 100,000 hours life span making it virtually maintenance free;
  • High and Consistent Lumen Output;
  • Enjoy as much as 70% Energy Savings;
  • Crisp white light with 80+ CRI making colours look brighter, more vibrant & attractive;
  • Effectively replaces Metal Halide, HPS & Mercury Vapour High Bays;
  • Instantly on from cold start with minimal heat generation;
  • Full CE & RoHS Compliant for Saftey Standards;
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all Induction Lamps.

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Induction High Bay Applications

  • Supermarkets & Department Stores
  • Factories & Plants;
  • Storage Facilities & Warehouses;
  • Farms and Inductrial Installations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How do High Bay Inductions maximise pupil lumens?
Due to the scotopically enhanced light produced by Induction lamps, they appear brighter to the eye and enhance visual acuity. The S/P ratio of a light source is closely related to the colour temperature of the lamp. Lamps with higher Kelvin numbers tend to have more blue in the output and thus they stimulate the rod cells in the eye more than a “warmer” lamp with a lower Kelvin number. Lamps with high blue output are said to be “Scotopically enhanced” light sources. A 5,000K Induction lamp outputs a far broader spectrum of light including a lot of blue and has an S/P ratio of 1.96. Therefore, 120W Induction lamp X 90 Lumens/W = 10,800 Lumens  X  1.96 = 21,169 lumens of light useful to human vision – referred to above as “Pupil Lumens”. This results in more than 3 times as much useful light for the same electrical energy.

Why is Induction Lighting Technolgy the best option for High Bays?

Induction Lighting systems offer 5 to 10 times the life of HID systems for only 2 to 3 times the cost of the HID lamp and ballast.  In most cases the payback in maintainance saving alone will more that offset the Capital outlay purchasing the initial system (not to mention the as much as 60% savings off electrical bills).

Do Induction Lamps need a dedicated fixture?
YES!  Due to operational and thermal requirements the system needs to be properly installed in a suitable fixture.  This product comes 100% complete with the fixture and is ready to install.

Is the Induction Light Dimmable?
No... At this present time, Induction Lights cannot be dimmed.

What is the Induction Lamp System and how does Induction Lighting work?
The Induction Lamp System uses a revolutionary technology of light generation that combines the basic principles of induction and gas discharge.

Is the Induction Light Vibration Resistant?
Yes... All Induction lights are vibration resistant and have shown this proof on bridges, tunnels and on signage applications.

Can Induction Lights damage or fade materials?

Not really.  The amount of ultraviolet light generated by a 120W lamp is roughly equivalent to that of a regular florescent lamp.  The damage factor for materials is so low that Induction Lamps can generally be used as open luminaries without any front glass.

Can running a lamp interfere with Computers, Electronic Devices or Telecommunication equipment?
No.  The lights compy with FCC rules with non-interferences under normal circumstances.  The lights will not interfere with portable or cellular telephones.

Is the light output of an Induction Lamp affected by low/high temperature?
The Induction lights amalgam fill technology and heat conduction rod in its centre creats stable light output over a wide range of ambient temperatures, maintaining at least 85% of nominal lumuns from -35 C to +55 C.  Induction lights can start at temperatures as low as - 40 C.

Does operating position affect output?
No.  Universal operationg position does not affect the performance of the induction lamp system.

What is the colour shift of the Induction Light?
The colour shift is very small over time.  In new installations the colour may appear "pink" until the system stabilizes and the mercury  has vapourized.  The light will change to a normal white colour within a few minutes.

At the end of life, must all components be replaced?
Induction Lights are supplied as a 3 component system and all three components are separately replaceable.  "End of Life" usually means that the generator must be replaced, and at this time, it is usually advisable to replace the bulb too, as phosphor degeneration at 100 000 hours lowers lumen output by 35% - 40%.

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