LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights can provide the biggest electrical savings in your home or business – especially when you are replacing those energy hungry incandescent, halogen, metal-halide, HID, Mercury Vapour, CFL or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) alternatives you might be spending hug amounts of electricity running and money maintaining and replacing. With between 60-90% energy savings possible, Clear Sky LEDs’ LED Floodlights will run for between 40,000 hours and come with solid swap out warranties. All floodlights come with a minimum IP65 rated casing for outdoor lighting applications while all drivers are also IP65 protected within.

Download IEC LED Floodlights Specifications Sheet

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Unbeatable LED Flood Light Features

  • Silver LED Floodlights are IEC Approved;
  • Silver LED Floodlights available with 2 year warranty and 40,000 hours use;
  • Most affordable, top quality LED Floodlights in South Africa;
  • High Powerful LED Light Source (unless Induction specified);
  • Die-cast aluminium IP65 rated;
  • High input voltage range of between AC80 - AC270;
  • Tough and durable design and toughened Glass Cover;
  • Vacuum Metallic-Membrane Plating Reflector.