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LED Downlights (or LED Globes) are the most cost effective, energy efficient lighting replacement for most standard halogen or incandescent downlights. With life spans exceeding 50,000 hours, a LED Downlight utilises a fraction of the energy required by other lighting alternatives. They contain no hazardous materials, produce no heat and emit no harmful UV radiation.

As electricity costs rapidly increase in South Africa, LED Downlights are the smart, 100% green and beautiful lighting investment that will save you bundles on your electrical bills for years to come. LED Downlights provide a great return on investment (ROI), paying themselves off quickly while providing big savings on electricity bills, maintenance costs and replacement requirements. Select the right LED downlights for any indoor application from 1W and 9W, multiple colours, various socket types and dimmable options.

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ELMR16-4W - 4.5W LED Downlight MR16
Replaces 30-40w Halogen! Save +/- 90% off your Bills!

Why LED Downlights?

LED Downlights are the next evolution in indoor ambient and direct lighting applications. Here are 6 Great reasons why LED Downlights are the best choice... hands down:
  1. LED Downlights are the most energy efficient. LED downlights will utilise around a tenth (1/10) of the energy required by other lighting alternatives saving you huge off your monthly electrical bills;
  2. LED Downlights last the longest. Clear Sky LEDs' LED Downlights will last between 50,000 – 100,000 hours. That’s at least about 20 years if used 8 hours a day every day and about 20 times longer than any other lighting alternative.
  3. LED Downlights require little to no maintenance. Because LED Downlight last so long, you won’t to worry about the added costs of constant replacement and maintenance required by other lighting options;
  4. LED Downlights contain no hazardous materials . Unlike Halogens, LED Downlights contain no hazardous materials (like Mercury) to create their light and can be easily and safely disposed of without damaging the environment;
  5. LED Downlights are good for your health and give off no UV radiation. Ultra Violet (UV) radiation can cause premature aging and skin damage. LED Downlights emit zero UV radiation while enhancing concentration and well being at home or at work.
  6. LED Downlights create very little heat. Because they are so energy efficient, LED Downlights create no heat to speak of when creating light. This will take any extra strain of your air conditioners while curbing any potential fire hazards caused by heat from halogens or incandescent downlights.

Cost Saving Analysis

LED Downlights are great lighting investments that provide a real return on investment (ROI) not possible with halogens or incandescent lighting. One of the most pressing questions for Clear Sky LEDs’ customer is “What is the up front cost of LED Downlights relative to the advantages and cost savings?”. LED Downlights save you money in the following ways:
  • LED Downlights use a fraction of electricity of other lights. Using about a tenth of the energy required!
  • LED Downlights minimize maintenance or replacement costs. Because LED Downlights will last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, you would only need to replace them ever twenty years or more on (if you use them only eight hours a day). This curbs the often excessive costs of replacing and maintaining other lighting options that have extremely short life spans. Incandescent lights will last no more than about 1000 hours and Halogens are lucky to last 5000 hours;
  • LED Downlights create no heat, savings air conditioners from working over time. LED Downlights can apply a whole bunch of extra savings as they wont raise room temperatures causing your air conditioning units to work harder. If they don't work harder, depreciation and ware and tear costs are also reduced.
The proof is in the numbers though when one calculates a comparison of the up front costs, energy usage, replacement requirements and maintenance costs over time between your LED Downlights and any halogen or incandescent alternatives. Check out LED Lighting – Why and How it provides a great ROI for a real life example or feel free to download the LED Lighting ROI Calculator now to input your own numbers to see for yourself.

LED Downlight Installation Guide

There are four different combination types for installing LED Downlights, namely: LED Downlights for a 12V (DC / Direct Current - running off a transformer) or 230V (AC / Alternating Current - running off your mains) that are either dimmable or non-dimmable. The most popular combination and selection on the Clear Sky LEDs' ecommerce storefront is the non-dimmable 230V AC application where customers literally plug and play their LED Downlights straight into their mains. Check out Clear Sky LEDs' LED Downlight Installation Guide for information related to best practices and procedures.

LED Downlights FAQs

  • Can I operate a dimmable LED Downlight off a standard dimmer switch? Most yes... Dimmable LED Downlight operate best with Magnetic Dimmer Siwtches which would include a wide range of bell-push, push-button and rotary dial switches. These can be easily installed into existing or new dimmable applications by an electrician. Remember though that electronic Dimmer Switches are not ideal and will probably result in your dimmable led downlights flckering or not dimming at all.
  • Are the LED Downlights heat synced? Yes they are. In fact because LED Downlights do not create any heat as such when producing their light, the only heat generated is caused through conduction at the socket point. Heat is dissipated evenly through the aluminium casing of the LED downlight itself which allows the LED light to operate effectively between a range of -30° and +70° Celsius . It is advisable that there is some kind of air flow provided with the housing installation itself to allow for maximum heat dissipation – a requirement for any lighting application. So don’t install your LED Downlights (or any lighting alternative) in a concrete hole!
  • What is required to run LED Downlights off a 12V DC setup? To run off a 12V application, you must select the GU5.3 socket type for your downlight available for most LED Downlight products at Clear Sky LEDs. The only requirements to ensuring that your LED Downlights operate at 100% efficiency is to ensure that you are using a Magnetic Transformer and not an Electronic Transformer. Magnetic transformers are luckily the most common and least expensive transformer (retailing at +/- R60 from any electrical shop). They are also very easy to install.

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