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Quality LED Lighting solutions for South Africans.

At Clear Sky LEDs and it gives us no greater pleasure than to help South Africans make the smart, cost saving transition to a more environmentally friendly, safe and long lasting lighting alternative only found in LED Lighting technology and products.

This is not the future of lighting - it is now. With Eskom electricity hikes around every corner, our customers are able to immediately save as much as 90% off their lighting bills with reliable, fully warrantied and ultra energy efficient LED Lighting products that enjoy over 50,000 hours of operational use.

Through our professional and easy to use eCommerce storefront, every customer experiences a 100% safe and secure environment to buy their LED Lighting products immediately online. With fast, insured delivery, competitive pricing, solid stock availability, and great customer service and feedback, Clear Sky LEDs is South Africa's leading online retailer supplying quality LED Lighting products into both homes and businesses alike.
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Specialty LED Lights for South Africans

There are many different kinds of LED Lights on the domestic market, manufactured in many parts of the world. The quality of these products vary - some are very good; a lot not so good. This variability extends itself to a lack of real warranties too, if applicable at all, which can be exceedingly difficult or downright impossible to action.

All Clear Sky LEDs' LED Lighting products provide the very best quality with the most competitive price, and carry real and actionable 2-3 year warranties. That means that a malfunctioned product is not your problem – it’s ours, and if the light proves to be defective, then we’ll replace / fix the LED Light.

Buy online immediately through our 100% secure website.

LED Lighting products are not as readily available as you'd think because store owners like selling products with limited life spans or warranties - great for their turnover, bad for your pocket especially when it comes down to investing in your lighting needs. And if you do happen to find alternative LED Lighting products, they are often either prohibitively expensive or of a low quality. For those that don't want to waste time finding and purchasing quality LED Lighting products, waiting for quotations or price lists or manually processing order requests, Clear Sky LEDs offers a 100% secure eCommerce storefront from which to buy from now. With 128 bit encryption SSL security and Thawte certification in place, all credit card payments are totally secure allowing you to order immediately and with confidence.

Great stock availability on all LED Lighting products.

Although LED Lighting products are in an ever increasing demand (especially with the Eskom's steadily increasing electrical charges), Clear Sky LEDs maintains access to both a large and reliable stock base thereby ensuring that you need to worry about backordering or waiting long periods to start using your products. Check out our range of LED Lighting Products with the confidence that you can buy immediately and every time.

Solid LED Lighting Manufacturer Warranty.

LED Lighting products from Clear Sky LEDs are built to last with over 50,000 hours of use - that's between 8-25 times longer than any other lighting alternatives! Products may also be returned for repair withn 12 (twelve) months of the date of a valid client sales receipt only. See our exclusive Returns Policy for more.

Quick, Reliable and Insured Delivery of your LED Lighting purchase.

At Clear Sky LEDs we exclusively use the professional services of a Registered Courier to deliver reliable door-to-door delivery options to all Clear Sky LEDs customers anywhere within the Republic of South Africa. We also uniquely insure every single package we deliver against loss, damage or theft. So once you've made a purchase from Clear Sky LEDs, you can depend on your package getting to you with exactly what you ordered, on time, intact and insured in transit. Check our shipping policy for more information.

Competitively priced, top quality LED Lighting products.

Although LED Lighting requires a larger initial upfront investment than any of its inferior counter parts, the quality of Clear Sky LEDs LED Lighting products are well worth their retail purchase price in the money and time they'll save you. For those customers looking to buy LED Lighting products in bulk, Clear Sky LEDs offers wholesale LED Lighting prices that are extremely competitive and altogether unbeatable with the quality guaranteed in products that will last over 50,000 hours use. View our range of competitively priced, top quality LED Lighting Products.

Reliable and friendly Customer service and support.

Once you've made your purchase of LED Lighting products from the Clear Sky LED's eCommerce storefront, we'll keep you informed every step of the way by providing you with payment and delivery updates. Even once you've received your package, we follow-up to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase and further provide options for us to remain in contact with you through the Clear Sky LEDs Newsletter. We are also contactable by phone should you really need urgent assistance. We pride ourselves in providing great service not only customers that have made a purchase with us but to any and all visitors to our storefront that have questions and comments. We gladly welcome feedback about how we can improve our online offering and service to you so please don't hesitate to contact us at Clear Sky LEDs should we be able to help you with your LED Lighting purchase in any way.

Specialists in LED Lighting products only.

So that means we don't sell all manner of product online to make a buck. We specialise in selling only top quality, indoor LED Lighting products. This ensures that we maintain our focus of being LED Lighting specialists which is the only way we can focus on keeping our customers up to date with the latest LED Lighting product developments, technologies, advantages, applications and news. Make sure you sign up to our FREE Clear Sky LEDs Subscription so we can keep you informed with specials, industry news and much more!

Focused on helping you make the right LED Lighting investment.

Investing in LED Lighting for your home or business is the right choice in so many ways. As a 100% environmentally friendly, clean, safe and ultra energy efficient choice, LED Lighting is the smart modern option to older, short lived and energy inefficient technologies found in the common CFL, Halogen and the Incandescent alternatives. With a wealth of online information about our LED Product range, LED Technology, cost saving analysis, industry news and general questions and answers, our goal is to keep you fully informed so that you can make the move to LED with confidence. Above and beyond our goals, the very real and tangible LED Lighting benefits of Clear Sky LEDs' products alone will help you to make the right lighting investment for your home or business.