Payment Options

At Clear Sky LEDs, we provide two standard payment methods : Credit Card and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):  ( All prices Inclusive of VAT )

Credit Card Payments

This is the most secure and preferred payment method for Clear Sky LEDs customers. Clear Sky LEDs accepts all major international VISA and MASTER CARD credit card payments online via our secure eCommerce facility.  Complete with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology coupled with Thawte Certification, our system guarantees total online security to pay for orders online using your Credit Card.

Once you have paid for your order via Credit Card, the Clear Sky LEDs system with reserve those funds on your Credit Card only. To protect our customers and ourselves from Credit Card fraud (i.e. some using a card which does not below to them!) Administration checks all incoming Credit Card transactions and runs them through sophisticated Fraud Checking technologies before Authorising the funds (which will securely transfer the paid amount into Clear Sky Industries Internet Merchant Account). Should a flag be raised with a Credit Card payment, Clear Sky LEDs administration will attempt to contact you to confirm your details and may request that fax (or scan and email) a copy of your Identification Document through to us - all in the name good faith!

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) Payments

You may pay for your order(s) via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) by paying via your online banking account into the business account of Clear Sky Industries t/a Clear Sky LEDs. Please follow the following steps when paying for your order via EFT (these instructions will also be emailed to you every time you place a new order online):

Step 1: Login to your Online Banking Account.

The follow are the most common Banking institutions in the Republic of South Africa. Simply click on the banking link below to login to your associated account from where you will pay for your order:


Step 2: Setup a Beneficiary.

Create a new beneficiary "Clear Sky Industries cc" with the following Bank Account Details:

Institution: Absa
Branch: Longbeach Mall
Branch No.: 632 005
Account Holder: Clear Sky Industries cc t/a Clear Sky LEDs
Account Name: Clear Sky Industries
Cheque Acc. No.: 4073929596

Step 3: Pay over the Full Amount using your order number as reference.

By using your order number as a reference, we will be able to located and confirm your payment to help speed up your order. This will make it easy for our Accounts Department to identify your payment within our received deposits listing.

Step 4: Email Clear Sky LEDs a proof of payment.

This is VERY important if you wish to speed up your delivery times. Just before you transfer the funds for your order via EFT, ensure that you send "Notification to Recipient" via email. Insert as the email address so that once your payment is processed, our Accounts department will receive a bona fide proof of payment that has been sent directly from your bank to us. This will ensure that we can dispatch your LED Lighting purchase immediately.

*Should you not send a proof of payment, or send us a proof of payment from any other email address (other than the one that would be sent by your bank), Clear Sky LEDs administration will process your order only once the funds have reflected within our account which could delay delivery of your goods to you by 2-3 working days. Also note that paying via a bank teller (or ATM) is not paying via EFT and similiarily, delivery will only be actioned once the funds have cleared.

Payment Alternatives?

Should you require a different payment method, please contact us directly with your payment request. Note that  currently we do not accept PayPal payments yet although this form of payment has recently come into the Republic of South Africa. Other manual forms of payment like Bank Deposit, Check and Money Transfer are acceptable but will require reflection and identification with the Clear Sky Industries bank account before your goods are dispatched. This may delay delivery by as much as seven (7) working days.
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ET-LHB-200W - 200W LED High Bay Light | Silver Range (NRCS Approved)
Replaces 400+ Metal Halide Inductions
ET-LHB-150W - 150W LED High Bay Light | Silver Range (NRCS Approved)
Replaces 200-350w Metal Halide Inductions
ETLH-100W - 100W LED High Bay Light | Silver Range (NRCS Approved)
Replaces 150-250w Metal Halide Inductions